EA will never fix the bugs

Some things will never change. One of them is Electronic Arts behavior. There are bugs and issues, which exist since FIFA 15, but they didn’t manage to fix them so far. Why? The answer one this question is very simple: They want to improve the Ultimate Team mode, which is generating lots of profit for them.

Beside tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator and FIFA 18 hack, which is available in english, dutch and also french, you can find lots of problems regarding this game. Not everyone is happy with it. Most people freak out, because of the momentum and its bugs.

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FIFA Gamer are complaining at least about the following problems in the game:

  • The unstable server (do you know the joke “Mertesacker is faster than EA’s server”?)
  • Unplayable FIFA 18 Pro Club mode (it is just broken…can’t play it)
  • Several small issues when it comes to the game play
  • The game play itself with its unrealistic physics. Defender, which are normally slow, but suddenly can outrun an Aubameyang

this are just a few common problems on FIFA 18 UT. Even EA Sports gets confronted with these problems almost every day, they keep silent and won’t fix them. Instead you see new special cards releasing almost every day. They try everything to get the most out of the FUT mode. The game play is extremely buggy. What was about the beginning of the game, when per match around 5-10 goals happened? Sometimes even more!

We are spending $60 for this match and what do we get? A broken game! For how long EA can keep this up? Obviously everyone is getting extremely tired of this. Microtransactions took over in their headquarters. Check their latest game Star Wars Battlefront 2, which brought them lots of trouble. Ultimate Team is not any better, also on FUT it is just gambling.

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There is also a good point in this problem…

EA will also not fix the FIFA 18 coin generator, hacks and cheats

Exactly! They are so focused on making money with FUT, that they totally forgot tools like the FIFA 18 hack are actually not only existing, but also working perfectly. Since the release in September 2017 everyone is able to generate free FIFA 18 coins and points without spending so much money. This is what it really is: gambling. You never know what will be in the packs. On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube you can see so many gamer are complaining about it. EA is literally taking advantage of teenager, which are spending a huge amount of money every single week. Stop this and start running the FIFA 18 coins hack, which will help you to get any player you want as well.

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